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The Terrace Park Democratic Club is a dynamic group of local residents dedicated to spreading the Democratic message community-wide. Come to one of our meetings and find your place in the local political arena.

Mission: Our mission is to foster a Democratic presence in Terrace Park and the surrounding areas.

What We Do: We establish our presence in the community by:

• Providing a Speaker’s Forum for local, state, and national candidates to present
their platforms

• Hosting representatives wanting to discuss various upcoming ballot issues and
tax levies that affect our communities

• Inviting speakers to discuss critical issues such as healthcare reform, election/voting rights, and finance reform

• Supporting local, state, and national Democratic candidates

• Marching in the Labor Day parade and hosting a booth at the Labor Day Festival

• Distributing literature at the polls on Election Day

Meetings: We meet monthly at 7:00pm on the 4th Monday of each month at:
Terrace Park Community Building
428 Elm Avenue
Terrace Park OH  45174